The Dance Program at USF has expanded the parameters of its curriculum by offering its students two programs of study in Paris. Both the Summer and the Semester courses of study are unique study abroad opportunities for serious dancers and choreographers to take classes, live and dance in one of the world’s greatest cities.


The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program (Spring semester 2016) is an expansion of the curricular and cultural enrichment opportunities that have already been established through the month-long USF Dance in Paris Summer Program, which celebrated its 8th year in 2015. The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program (DPSP) is a significant contribution toward providing an immersive study abroad opportunity for dance majors and minors. The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program distinguishes USF as the only American university to offer a fully accredited study abroad program of this kind, specifically geared toward American college-age dancers where students will earn credits that contribute directly toward their respective dance degrees. The DPSP is an opportunity for dance majors/minors to expand their historical, cultural and performance-based knowledge through exposure to the rich tradition of dance in the French capital over the course of one semester beginning in January 2016. The goal of the USF DPSP is to facilitate the edification of the student global artist/scholar through the lens of dance in the city of Paris, and by extension, French society.

- Week One: January 2017.

- Week Two: January 2017.

- Week Three: 19.20.21 Avril 2017.

- Week Four: 26.27.28 Avril 2017.

- Week Five: 03.04.05 May 2017.