Roderick George

Berlin, Germany: Jan 7th 8th 2016

Zurich, Switzerland: May 16th

Aix en Provence, France : May: 19th 20th 21st

Franfurt, Germany: July 21st



"Roderick George: "Dust"

The third piece of the opening night isDust of Roderick George, a young American. In Berlin little known but experienced as a dancer, he worked with William Forsythe, Jerome Bel and Tino Sehgal. He succeeds here, what for many years almost all the choreographers have failed: the meaningful, fruitful combination of hip hop and contemporary dance. With its focus even lies in classical ballet and he still Clubdance, Vogueing and in the spectacular lifting figures acrobatics with introduced - the one arises organically the other, nothing acts induce forced or induced thought conceptually. A men's quartet, which is unusual for the dance day. All four, Roderick George dancing with themselves, are highly trained. These acts a DJ who scratcht the music, is sampling, looping and drives in acceleration as deceleration, as Roderick George and his energetic dance. That's pleasurable, funny and very imaginative-creative and very shrewd in the Solo Duo Trio Quartet resolutions and merges which in synchronous, parallel dance, in the linear or intersecting formations, in a rampant dance in the room sprayed. A choreography, so extravagantly imaginative that some restriction, concentration and compaction missing. But still: the best dance days Piece for several years, actually even TanzTage level."



"The artistic radiates more brightly than the also 30-minute quartet "Dust" by Roderick George. What tough begins with DJs live gescratchten loops from hip-hop songs, becomes the dance Aufrüttler once George, Dominic Santia, Corey Scott-Gilbert and Kevin Quinaou enter the white primed scene: four high quality dancers of extremely different growth and different skin color, offering high class training and leading companies as a reference of the career so far. How do they react to the Zerrstimmengesang whether in urban, the fragmenting soon, in pairs or solos that stand out against the rest of group captivates the choreographic plan ago. The contrast between musical HipHop, technically alienated, and the classical dance borrowed, however liberally to spirals, boneless pulse-controlled sequences extended idiom leads to so exciting and original nimble processes. Turns and jumps, landing on his knees, spin passages Umhebungen of artistical Fury change in fulminant pace. William Forsythe, who at the George and Quinaou dance, Édouard Lock and the Canadian group La La La Human Steps, was engaged in Santia, like the basic idea here, to wrest the body in refractive classic shapes unusual movement sequences, have been modeled: What George and his trio have developed, is entirely self-contained and promises a strong gain for the Berlin scene."