Kevin has graduated from the Centre National de la Danse in France in 2010 as a pedagogue ballet teacher, and he started right away to teach ballet classes to pre-professional and professional dancers.


Through the years, he has developed a modern ballet class that generates freedom in your body and corrects some misconceptions we can often self-create about ballet. It is a professional training allowing to reinforce personal weakness and technique.

His workshops, which are improvisation base and are made to develop knowledge and tools to feel confident about improvisation with floor work, crossing, and physical technique combos.

Kevin will be teaching for

- CND Lyon December 2nd - 6th 2019

- MARAMEO Berlin December 16th 18th 20th 2019

- NOD Torino January 27th 31st 2020

- MARAMEO Berlin February 3rd 5th 7th 17th 19th 21st 2020

- USF Semester in Paris March 16th 17th 19th 23rd 24th 26th 30th 31st April 2nd 6th 7th 22nd 23rd 24th 27th 28th 2020